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The Woman in Black
The Woman in Black
by Susan Hill
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The Woman in Black Chapter 10 Summary

Whistle and I'll Come to You

  • It's windy and dark when Arthur wakes up. He tries to find his way to the light, but it's been broken.
  • Just splendid.
  • Spider rouses him and they walk through the house. Arthur is filled with an inexplicable sense of despair.
  • It feels as though someone has died.
  • That's probably because someone has died.
  • They go outside, and Spider is agitated. So agitated that she somehow gets stuck in the marsh and Arthur has to work hard to get her out of there.
  • As he's walking back to the house with poor Spider, he looks up and sees the woman in black watching him from the window of the nursery. Creepy.
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