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It Friendship

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It is a darkity-dark-dark look at fear, murder, pain, and aging sewer systems in New England.

But it's also a wonderful, heartwarming, aww-gee-shucks-inducing look at childhood friendship, and how the best families are sometimes the ones you make yourself.

Stephen King can do both: he's good like that. The Losers Club is a group of misfits and outcasts who band together a) to fight evil and b) to have an awesome summer together building forts, playing tag, and splashing around in the creek. They understand and cherish each other, and we have to say that the most upsetting thing about It might be the fact that they don't stay in touch at the end.

Questions About Friendship

  1. Why do the Losers lose touch after 1958?
  2. Why is it decided that Bill is the unofficial leader of the Losers?
  3. Are the Losers doomed by the presence of a love triangle?

Chew on This

The Losers are bonded together by fear, rather than shared interests.

Fear brings the Losers together, but they're really bonded by mutual affection.

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