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by Jane Austen

Emma Chapter Twenty-Five Summary

  • Emma’s (imaginary) love affair with Frank is a bit shaken when she hears that he’s driven all the way to London just to get his hair cut.
  • Sure, he’s rich and can do whatever he wants…but he wants to do this?
  • London’s a long way away.
  • And it’s expensive. And, well, more than a little silly.
  • The Westons and Emma have a long talk about what Frank’s haircut means. You can tell that there’s not a lot going on in Highbury, huh?
  • Mr. Knightley hears about Frank’s haircut and mutters something under his breath about Frank being an idiot.
  • Emma pretends not to hear him.
  • Emma learns that the Coles are giving a party.
  • She promptly decides not to go.
  • The Coles, you see, aren’t quite as high up the social ladder as the Woodhouses.
  • In fact, they’re only the second most important family in town.
  • Emma spends several delightful minutes thinking about how she’s going to turn their invitation down.
  • There’s just one problem – she hasn’t gotten an invitation yet.
  • As she finds out, everyone else in town is already invited.
  • All of a sudden, the party doesn’t look so bad anymore…maybe she would have gone!
  • Finally, an invitation from the Coles arrives.
  • Mr. Woodhouse is convinced that Emma will come down with a dreadful cold if she leaves the house for a party – but she manages to talk him out of his fears.

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