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If all you know about China is they've got a wall that can be seen from space and they had like ten dynasties, give or take a few, we've got our work cut out for us.

As Sun Tzu said: To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy. Let Shmoop lead you deep into enemy territory as we become one with the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam.

Test-Taking Tips

Specifically designed for mastering the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam. Learn how to bolster your story narration skills, how to define words like 字正腔圓 (quick—3 seconds!), and what exactly is the deal with the Dragon Boat Festival.

Three Full-Length Practice Exams

Practice with three full-length and timed tests so that you can learn to narrate a story, write an email, hold a conversation, and give an oral presentation. In Mandarin.

Practice drills

Refine your formidable Chinese skills with practice drills.

Extreme topic review

We cover everything in the list on the right, and help you reinforce what you've learned so you ace your AP exams. We're cool like that.

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Here's what you

Take our AP Chinese Language and Culture diagnostic exam (with a glass of water twice a day) to discover your pain points and attack them with knowledge.

  • A diagnostic exam

  • Review of the Multiple-Choice Sections

    • Rejoinders
    • Listening
    • Reading

  • Review of the Free-Response Sections

    • The Story Narration
    • The E-mail Reponse
    • The Conversation
    • The Cultural Presentation

  • Chinese Grammar Review (Verbs! Compounds! Particles!)

  • A glossary of 500 Mandarin words with definitions and memorization tricks

  • 3 Full-length practice exams

  • 95 practice questions

  • Test-taking Tips and Strategies

  • Earn Points. Climb the Leaderboard. Win Shmoop Gear.

  • And a lot more!

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