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Online prep and review

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¿Estás pensando en agregar algunas florituras retóricas a tu estilo de escribir? Peruse Gabriel García Márquez's Cien años de soledad, about 700 pages of grammar (but where to find?)...or read Shmoop's guide to the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.

Test-Taking Tips

Specifically designed for mastering the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam. Learn how to prove that you are a good reader and great speaker, how to love non-fiction, and how to hypnotize people with your writing. Or, at least, persuade them to do your bidding.

Two Full-Length Practice Exams

Curious about what it is really like to spend about an hour and a half reading and listening Spanish, and answering about 70 multiple choice questions - before writing 2 essays and doing 2 oral presentations in another hour and a half? Take a full-length practice exam with Shmoop... and then take another one. Because we have two.

Practice Drills

If you forget everything you read approximately three seconds after you read it, never fear: polish your mad rhetorical skills with drills, more drills, and-you guessed it-even more drills.

Extreme Topic Review

Check out our in-depth study guide and practice problems galore on each of the topics.

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Prepping for your AP exam and not sure where to start? Take a diagnostic exam to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what you need to do to get the scores of your dreams.

  • Grammar Review

  • Rhetorical Strategies & Rhetorical Questions

  • Essays: Back to Basics

  • Essays: Beyond the Basics

  • Strategies & Considerations for Speaking

  • Practice Drills

  • 2 Full-Length Practice Exams

  • Test-Taking Tips & Strategies

  • Step-by-step guide to tackling your Essay/Multiple Choice Questions and Speaking Presentations

  • Earn Points. Climb the Leaderboard. Win Shmoop Gear.

  • And a lot more!

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