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Ordering the pasta arrabbiata at Olive Garden is one thing, but how about knowing what arrabbiata means? Do you really want angry pasta all up in your spot? P.S. Giardino di Ulivi—they don't have breadsticks in Italy...

Clear your plate and prepare for Shmoop's guide to the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam—tasted and approved by Nonna herself.

Test-Taking Tips

Specifically designed for mastering the AP Italian Language and Culture exam. Learn how to hear hand gestures through the audio player, what exactly BAGS might mean, and what is the problem with passato prossimo, really. Mamma mia!

Two Full-Length Practice Exams

Curious what it's like to answer 70 multiple-choice questions in response to around 10 print and audio passages, and then answer an email, write an essay, hold a conversation, and give an oral presentation, all in Italiano? We have you covered with due full-length practice exams.

Practice drills

Shmooperini, refine your Italian skills with drills to ensure you remember everything you read or hear.

Extreme topic review

This list on the right shows everything we cover, with tons of Italian listening and reading passages. Molto bene!

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Here's what you

Start your AP Italian Language and Culturetest prep with our Diagnostic Exam to see where you currently stand and what you need to improve to get the score of your dreams.

  • A diagnostic exam

  • 80 drill questions

  • Review of the Multiple-Choice Sections

    • Audio Texts
    • Print Texts

  • Review of the Free-Response Sections

    • The E-mail Reply
    • The Persuasive Essay
    • The Conversation
    • The Cultural Comparison

  • Italian Grammar Review (Il Passato Prossimo! Gender! Conditional!)

  • A glossary of 500 Italian words with definitions and memorization tricks

  • 2 Full-length practice exams

  • Test-taking Tips and Strategies

  • Earn Points. Climb the Leaderboard. Win Shmoop Gear.

  • And a lot more!

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