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Online prep and review

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If you can quote the entire original Godzilla and Mothra vs. Godzilla (RIP Mothra!) but need some help ordering the Sushi Plate Deluxe, then… konnichiwa.

Let Shmoop be your guide through the Land of the Rising Sun, complete with polite language, crazy verb conjugations and more nuanced language than you can shake a katana at.

Test-Taking Tips

Specifically designed for mastering the AP Japanese Language and Culture exam. Learn how to correctly employ keigo, how to confidently use kanji, and how to own that Text Chat like a super sweet grammar Samurai. Or, as we like to call it: a Grammurai.

Three Full-Length Practice Exams

Curious about what it is really like to answer 70 multiple-choice questions in an hour and a half, and then write a text chat, write a compare and contrast article, and do two speaking exercises in 45 minutes? If you weren’t curious before, we’ll bet you are now.

Take a full-length practice exam with Shmoop… and then take another two. Because we have three. Waste not, want not.

Practice drills

If you forget everything you read approximately three seconds after you read it, never fear: develop your mad Japanese skills with drills, more drills and – you guessed it – even more drills.

Now, the real question – do you remember what we just told you?

Exreme topic review

Check out our in-depth study guide and practice problems galore on each of the topics. So extreme it will be streaming live on www.espn.com.

So… ready to start prepping?

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Here's what you

Prepping for your AP exam and not sure where to start? Take a diagnostic exam to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what you need to do to get the scores of your dreams.

  • A diagnostic test

  • 100 Drill questions

  • Multiple-Choice Section Review

  • The Text Chat

  • The Compare and Contrast Article

  • The Conversation

  • The Cultural Perspective Presentation

  • Japanese Grammar Review (Verb conjugations! Keigo! Particles!)

  • A glossary of kanji and their derivatives

  • 3 Full-Length Practice Exams

  • Test Taking Tips & Strategies

  • Earn Points. Climb the Leaderboard. Win Shmoop Gear.

  • And a lot more!

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