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The Color Purple

The Color Purple


Alice Walker

 Table of Contents

The Color Purple Characters

Meet the Cast


Celie as a VictimAs the book opens, Celie is purely a victim: she’s repeatedly raped by her father, her children are taken away from her, and she’s sold into marriage to a man who wants...


Nettie is the only character who loves Celie consistently and unconditionally throughout the entire novel. Because she loves Celie so strongly, Celie reciprocates the care. Their mutual love for ea...


Pa is a remorseless child molester at the beginning of the book, and unfortunately no better at the end of his life. He has a fetish for teenage girls, and our first introduction to him is when he...


Mr.__ (or Albert as he is occasionally called) may be a jerk for most of the book, but at least he changes. Mr.__ is one of the only male characters in this novel capable of reflection and personal...


Harpo has some issues. Naturally, he’s a really nice guy and enjoys domestic activities like cooking and taking care of a house. However, because society and his father’s behavior tells...


Sofia is the assertive woman that Celie is not. She won’t back down from a fight and if anybody picks on her, she beats them twice as hard as they give it to her. Celie admires this quality,...

Shug Avery

Shug is larger than life, and she sure does know how to love. Her problem is that she loves and keeps on loving, even when she adds other people to the mix. She has a weakness for people, and she k...

Mary Agnes

Squeak might have been mousy at first, but she gains power after the white warden rapes her – not because of the rape, but in spite of it. After being raped, she stands up to the rest of the...


Corrine is the Reverend Samuel’s wife and the adoptive mother of Celie’s two children, Olivia and Adam. Corrine is a good woman, but in Africa she becomes paranoid about Nettie, especia...


Samuel is the kind minister who takes Nettie in after she escapes both Pa and Mr.__. As Nettie spends time with Samuel, she realizes that not all black men are aggressive and bent on dominating wom...


Grady is Shug’s husband. Celie thinks Grady is extremely boring and just plain not good enough for Shug. Celie can’t stand the way he treats Shug, calling her "mama." Shug quickly tires...


Tashi is a bold, intelligent, and assertive young Olinka girl who befriends Olivia and Adam. She eventually becomes Adam’s wife.


Olivia is Celie’s daughter who was raised by the Reverend Samuel and his wife Corrine.


Adam is Celie’s son who was raised by the Reverend Samuel and his wife Corrine. Adam marries a young woman, Tashi, from the African village his family acts as missionaries to.


Germaine is Shug’s nineteen-year-old lover. He’s sort of like Shug’s last youthful fling. The relationship doesn’t last long.

Eleanor Jane

Eleanor Jane is the mayor’s daughter who Sofia raises. Eleanor Jane is the only member of the mayor’s household that shows any kindness toward Sofia. Eventually, Eleanor Jane comes to s...
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