Pop Quiz: What Can Shmoop Do for You?

A. Help me figure out what the h@$% to write on my paper
B. Make studying less of a snooze-fest
C. Give me ammo to speak intelligently in class
D. Blow my teacher's mind with video, audio, photos, and web links on the topics we're studying
E. Help me impress dates with my big, juicy brain

(Answer: All of the above. But, you saw that coming, right?)

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write paper icon Kick start a paper for English Literature classes with our Writing Guide.
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hammer icon Get the important facts, straight-up with our Summaries
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magnifying glass icon Understand many sides of the argument and dive into a number of themes in our Deep Analyses
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discuss icon Ask the room a question in Discussions
screenshot of a page with Stickies Collect your thoughts by placing your own Stickies and Clippings on any page. These will be available in your Folders.
Stickies icon Click the Stickies button on the Toolbar and Create a New Stickie.
Clippings icon Click "Clip this Section" to save a shortcut
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Our writers, experts from Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, U-Iowa, and other great schools, love the topics on which they write. We provide citations to back up our work.

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