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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes


by Ray Bradbury

Something Wicked This Way Comes Chapter 52 Summary

  • Will's father checks Jim's body over.
  • From further away, a little boy comes crying for help. He says he is terrified of the man with the tattoos and begs to be taken home.
  • Charles hands Jim over to Will and follows the desperate little boy. As he follows the boy, however, he suddenly asks for the boy's name.
  • The boy says it is Jed and hurries Charles Halloway forward, saying there's very little time left. Charles asks for Jed's age. Jed says he is nine.
  • Charles calls Jed out on the deadfall. He says that sometimes good has all the weapons, and sometimes people can't be picked off the way Jed is trying to now.
  • Jed leaps away but Charles is too quick. He has gotten hold of Jed's shirt. Jed's small body is covered with tattoos. It is Mr. Dark is disguise.
  • Charles clamps down on Jed and gives him a talking-to. Jed cries. He cannot stand being near Charles Halloway. Charles volunteers to spare Jed if he can tell them what is wrong with Jim.
  • Jed squirms and says he cannot.
  • Charles gathers the boy closer and thinks to himself that evil has only the power we give it.
  • Eventually the light in the boy's eyes dim and the body rustles to the ground.

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