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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 22 Summary

  • Time to Meet the Parents. Even though Archie has told Leo that Stargirl's parents are pretty normal, he still expects them to be, well, quirky.
  • That means that he is genuinely surprised when he goes to her house and meets her parents, because they are so, well, normal. Stargirl's room is normal, too.
  • When Leo asks our girl about where all her mission materials are, she tells him about her office, but won't tell him where that is. Hmm. Sounds intriguing.
  • He does, however, find two interesting items in her room:
  • (1) A bowl full of hair. She puts the bowl out for birds to make their nests with. That's gross, but also sweet, in a strange way.
  • (2) A tiny wagon full of tons of pebbles. This is her happy wagon. Wait. Her what?
  • Apparently, when something makes her happy, Stargirl puts a pebble in the wagon; when she is unhappy she takes a pebble out. It's like a barometer for her mood.
  • At this particular moment, there are seventeen stones in there, more stones than ever before. (Could this have something to do with her love life?)
  • Leo learns that once she was down to only three pebbles, which totally shocks him. How's that for unhappy?
  • At dinner, Leo finds out that Stargirl is a strict vegetarian, and after dinner they sit on the porch with her camera.
  • She takes several pictures of the kids playing across the street, and then she tells Leo that she is compiling a biography for the boy across the street, Peter Sinkowitz.
  • It will be like a little journal that includes what he does day-to-day with accompanying pictures and even little tokens, like papers he has dropped.
  • But it's not like a scrapbook that Peter's parents might make. This is more candid and real.
  • Then Leo sticks his foot in his mouth, majorly. He hurts her feelings by asking her if she is trying to be a saint. But he swears he didn't mean that to sound nasty; he's just amazed.
  • Then, it happens. After a few more minutes of flirty banter, they share their first kiss, and the kiss sure ain't "saintly."

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