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by Jerry Spinelli

 Table of Contents

Stargirl Themes

Stargirl Themes


Who is Stargirl? Unlike Leo, who identifies as an American, an Arizonan, and a Mica High student, our Stargirl just won't be boxed in. Unlike many of the people around her, who function well as mem...

Society and Class

A high school is a microcosm, or a smaller representation of the bigger world that surrounds it. Just like in the "real" world outside, high schoolers usually feel pressures from society to conform...

Man and The Natural World

It's high school, folks. And that means it's all about groups, cliques, and clubs. Everyone wants to fit in and belong. Everyone, that is, except Stargirl. She wants to be a member of the biggest g...

Memory and the Past

Stargirl tells us a great deal about our ancient past as humans, and how connecting to that past can help us understand ourselves better. By focusing on these remnants of the past, before we create...


Life is a grand adventure for Stargirl. It is full of mystery, wonder, and excitement. She tries new things, she learns new things, and she is full of zest. And when Leo begins to join her on her a...


Stargirl has a lot to say about love. There is the romantic love developing between Leo and Stargirl, sure, but there's also the love that Stargirl feels for humanity and the world around her. That...


In Stargirl, we see a beautiful example of a real friendship between Dori and Stargirl. Many people jump on the Stargirl bandwagon on her rise to popularity, but these people are the first to jump...

Wisdom and Knowledge

Sometimes we think of teachers as the ones who have all the answers. They are the great holders of all the facts that we must memorize and regurgitate on a test. But that's not what we're dealing w...

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