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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief Resources


The Official Website of The Book Thief (US)

Your spot for the latest on Markus Zusak and The Book Thief.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

This site provides concise information and is a great quick reference for many of the events alluded to in the novel.

The German Propaganda Archive

We can't recommend this site enough if you are interested in the propaganda aspect of the Holocaust. Loaded with visual material, writings, and speeches, it helps us see the world that Liesel and her friends were living in.

Indoctrinating Youth

Interactive slideshow about how the Nazi Party indoctrinated the German youth, including educating German children and the Hitler Youth organizations that we hear about in The Book Thief. Scroll over and click on images for more information. This is only a small portion of the USHMM's exhibit on Nazi propaganda – the rest of the exhibit is definitely worth checking out too.

The Holocaust Education and Archive Research Team (H.E.A.R.T.)

This site has lots of information about the Holocaust. A great source for your papers.

World War II: Behind Closed Doors

A provocative look at World War II, from PBS.


An Interview with Markus Zusak

Read about why, when, and how Markus Zusak writes.

Another Interview with Markus Zusak

Our author muses about Death, the writing process, and so much more.

"Stealing to Settle a Score With Life"

Janet Maslin's review of the novel for the New York Times.

"It's A Steal"

A review from Philip Ardagh for the Guardian.


"Novel's Unique Look at the Holocaust"

An interview with Markus Zusak on ABC News.


"Call me Death: Odd Narrator of Girl's Story"

Click the "audio" button for NPR's interview with Markus Zusak.

The Book Thief Audiobook SPONSORED

Purchase and download the Audiobook from Random House Audio


Caught in the Act

Zusak is about to steal a book!

Judging A Book By Its Cover

We'd judge this book to be awesome. (And we'd be right.)

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