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The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo


by Alexandre Dumas

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The Count of Monte Cristo Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from The Count of Monte Cristo.

Revenge Quotes

"Have I ever told you, when you have done your job as a Royalist and had the head cut off one of our people: 'My son, you have committed murder'? No, I have said: 'Very well, Monsieur, you have fou...

Fate vs. Free Will Quotes

"Come now, "he [Danglars] said. Have you anything to fear? It seems to me, on the contrary, that everything is working out as you would wish." "That is precisely what terrifies me," said Dantè...

Perseverance Quotes

"Misfortune is needed to plumb certain mysterious depths in the understanding of men; pressure is needed to explode the charge. My captivity concentrated all my faculties on a single point. They ha...

Justice and Judgment Quotes

"Good!" Danglars exclaimed. "Everything is working out as I expected. I am now captain pro tem and, if only that idiot Caderousse can keep his mouth shut, captain for good. So, the only other event...

Transformation Quotes

Dantès was now thirty-three years old, as we have said, and his fourteen years in prison had brought what might be described as a great spiritual change to his features. He had entered the Ch&...

Hatred Quotes

"As for me, when I see a bright spark of hatred shining in the eye of an accused man, I feel encouraged, I rejoice: it is no longer a trial, but a duel. I go for him, he ripostes, I press harder, a...

Ambition Quotes

"Indeed," said Danglars, casting a sidelong glance at Dantès with a flash of hatred in his eyes. "Yes indeed, he is young and full of self-confidence. The captain was hardly dead before he had...

Manipulation Quotes

Father! Will you always be an obstacle to my happiness in this world, and shall I always have to contend with your past? Then, suddenly, it seemed as though a light had unexpectedly passed through...

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